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What are public adjuster fees?

Public Adjusters charge a small percentage of this settlement. This percentage is paid by the insured only after payment is received from the insurance company. This fee is offset by securing an appropriate settlement in excess of what the average insured can obtain for himself. IF THERE IS NO RECOVERY, THERE IS NO FEE!!

Why can’t my agent handle this loss for me?

You agent is trained and paid by determining your insurance needs. He is not trained to adjust claims. Remember, your agent is actually working for the insurance company. When you ask someone to divide their loyalties, you usually compromise their integrity.

Can I file my own claim?

Certainly, but it may not be in your best interest to do so. Property owners are often not familiar with the terms and conditions of their insurance policy, nor their rights or obligations after a loss.

Will I receive a more prompt and satisfactory settlement with a Public Adjuster?

Yes, because they quickly prepare and evaluate your claim. Evidence must be preserved and documented prior to its destruction. There is no guarantee, but on average we secure larger settlements than the carriers initial estimates.