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damageA Texas Insurance Adjuster Can Help With Storm, Hail, Water, Roof, Vandalism and More

Suffering damage from a catastrophic storm, hail, fire, or flood can leave you feeling devastated by loss. The structural integrity of your business or home, your valuable possessions, and your precious memories can all be lost in the blink of eye.

When you lose everything, all you have left is hope. This is why you purchased an insurance policy – to protect the financial future of your business or family, and provide yourself with a fresh start when the unthinkable becomes reality. But what happens if your insurance company refuses to compensate you according to the terms of your policy?

Unfortunately, many Texas residents that suffer hail damage, fire damage, or water damage quickly find out that their monetary settlement falls far short of the required money to effectively move on with their life. In fact, the average insurance damage claim payout in Texas is only 10% to 20% of the full claim value.

If you’ve suffered hail damage, or some other catastrophic event, you need to protect your interests with help from our team of qualified and experienced public adjusters. Don’t wait another minute – let us handle your claim for hail damage, water damage, or fire damage by filling out our online form for a cost-free claim review.

We handle insurance claims involving:

  • Texas Hail Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Claims Already Denied
  • Storm Damage
  • Roof Damage
  • Vandalism Damage
  • Hurricane and Tornadoes
  • Commercial and Residential Properties

Texas Hail Damage? It’s Your Responsibility to Put Together Your Claim

Often, the first thing a person does after suffering Texas hail damage or some other catastrophic loss is to call their insurance adjuster, believing that they are employed to protect their interests. Sadly, the insurance agent only has fiduciary responsibility to their company, and will not negotiate on your behalf.

Even worse, Texas business owners and residents who have recently suffered hail damage, a fire, or the effects of a hurricane are often without power, water, or heat. The physical reality and emotional strain of their loss can make dealing with an insurance adjustor a nightmare, and the last thing anyone wants is an ongoing battle with an insurance company.


It is important to remember that it is your responsibility to put together your own claim. But is it realistic to expect that someone with zero experience handling insurance claims understands this complicated process?

Of course not.

As Texas public adjusters, we handle every aspect of your damage claim to get your the maximum settlement that you’re entitled to, according to the terms of your policy. This leaves you free to focus on rebuilding your Texas business or home after suffering hail damage, fire damage, or some other unforeseen disaster.

We handle Texas hail damage claims, vandalism claims, and other damage-related claims every single day. We deal with it rationally, and by employing our years of experience on your behalf. In this way, we are able to provide you with the most monetary compensation possible so that you can move on with your life.

How Do We Help You After Experiencing Hail, Fire, or Other Damage?

if your business or home was damaged by hail, fire, flood, or some catastrophic event, the last thing you want to do is trust that your insurance agent will do everything they can to get you back on your feet. When we handle a claim, we follow these three basic steps to ensure you are compensated fairly:

1) Inspect and identify all damage (Hail, Fire, Water, etc.)

2) Gather and present evidence that all damage was related to the particular event

3) Protect the interests of our clients by aggressively negotiating a fair settlement

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Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to the business practices of your insurance company. Let our team of public adjusters make sure you’re treated fairly, if you’ve been adversely affected by hail damage, fire, vandalism, or any other destructive event. Get your free claim evaluation now.